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Latest Blog Post: "12 Foolproof Tips to Fail-Proof Your New Year's Resolutions."

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We’re 16 days into 2018 and I’m barely getting around to setting some goals.

I tend to have a problem with the idea of resolutions. Maybe it’s because most don’t last, some get forgotten, and others get prematurely shoved onto the following year’s list. Perhaps this tendency is a product of procrastination or an excuse to avoid failure. Or maybe it’s because it’s easier to believe we should be intentional to bettering ourselves and setting goals any day of the year.

Honestly, it’s probably all of the above.



Hey there, Friend!

I'm so glad you're here! My name is Lauren, welcome to my blog!

I am a twenty-something wife to a Stud of a man named Derek, and recently learned that together we will be jumping into military life!

Please, stay a while as I journey into the world of blogging, hoping to shed some honest light on all things: life, military, marriage, and faith!

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Ahh marriage, my favorite topic. Here, I hope I'll inspire you to really tap into the divine design for marriage; thriving, selfless, and even spicy...and of course, do some major bragging on my handsome airman!


The glue to it all; faith in Jesus is everything. You will get to see how He is graciously and sometimes even painfully growing me. I pray that here you will be most encouraged no matter your age or walk of life!      

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