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"10 Must Reads: Marriage Favorites."

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It’s no secret that I am quite fond of reading and obsessively fond of lists. And it’s most definitely no secret that I cherish my husband and absolutely adore being his wife.

So naturally, I have invested an enormous amount of time blending these passions. I have read countless books on marriage and wifehood, I have admired and taken mental notes from couples who are “Hashtag Goals”, and I have tirelessly pursued these wisdom bits in my great effort to live out the kind of marriage that leaves a legacy. And while I’m still brand new and have a ton to apply and learn, these books have been literal game changers.



Hey there, Friend!

I'm so glad you're here! My name is Lauren, welcome to my blog!

I am a twenty-something wife to a Stud of a man named Derek, and recently learned that together we will be jumping into military life!

Please, stay a while as I journey into the world of blogging, hoping to shed some honest light on all things: life, military, marriage, and faith!

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Here you will join me on all things life: what it's like being married to an airman, the places we'll learn to call home, our latest travel adventures, and of course this will be where I can express my domesticated side, yay!


Ahh marriage, my favorite topic. Here, I hope I'll inspire you to really tap into the divine design for marriage; thriving, selfless, and even spicy...and of course, do some major bragging on my handsome airman!


The glue to it all; faith in Jesus is everything. You will get to see how He is graciously and sometimes even painfully growing me. I pray that here you will be most encouraged no matter your age or walk of life!      

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