Allow me the honor of acquainting myself...

Hi, my name is Lauren, I'm a twenty-something, born and raised in San Francisco, and I am brand new to the world of blogging, so please, bare with me. I am married to the most strikingly attractive, gifted, and patient man on the planet. And I am a soon-to-be Air Force Wife!  (Cue

I met my high school sweetheart Derek in 2007 and we were married in December of 2013. We had a picturesque Christmas themed wedding and with Jesus at the center of our relationship, marrying Derek has absolutely been the best thing that has happened to me!  #MarriageForThree

  Random, yet Fun Facts about Me:

I have a healthy obsession for all things Disney and all things Christmas. I've always had a creative flare, but the internet has turned me into quite the DIYer and crafter, thank you Pinterest!  There is no greater joy in my heart than when Fall is upon us. You will find splashes of Tiffany blue all over my home, wardrobe, and inside my purse! I re-energize by curling up with a good book, a soft blanket, a three-wick candle from Bath & Body Works, lit and oh-so-fragrant, all topped with a gentle and refreshing breeze wafting through the window. Cooking, with a nice glass of wine while Michael BΓΊble, Frank Sinatra and the like, are crooning me via Spotify or Pandora also energizes me. Nothing makes more sense to me than warm weather and country music. And no matter how many times I've seen an episode of "Friends" - mark my words, I will ALWAYS laugh.

So, now that I've kinda scratched the surface on "About Lauren" I'd love to hear from some of you! And I hope you decide to follow us on this new and thrilling adventure that my Derek and I are soon embracing! #AirForceLife

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