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28 things i've learned in 28 years of life.

28 things i've learned in 28 years of life.

Maybe it’s because I’m still on this side of 30 that I think aging is something to be celebrated - or so say those nearing 60. Or maybe it’s because I need something to look forward to, to get me out of my annual PCD (Post-Christmas Depression) slump. But birthdays are a blessing and a great opportunity to age proudly and gracefully, to revel in life and the fact that you’ve made it this far!

This year, we didn’t plan to fly to Disneyland for my birthday, but it just so happened to unravel that way…and I’m not mad about it. You see, being conceived on a romantic trip to the magical kingdom 28 years and nine months ago – Disney is kind of my thing.

Having frequented Disneyland too many times to count, this trip in particular, is a pinch extra special than the rest for four reasons:

1.      I get to enjoy the magic on my actual birth date, instead of near it.

2.      This will be our last big-ish vacation before Derek officially begins OTS. (When we’ll be apart for two whole months.)

3.      Since our annual passes expired, and with so much uncertainty to jump start this Air Force adventure, we haven’t planned a trip to the parks in nearly two whole years! (A confusion to many.)

4.      The Christmas décor is still up and I didn’t miss it! (Squeal! God loves me!)


In honor of my 28th, aside from wearing all the sparkly ears I own, sipping on Dole Whips ‘til my brain freezes, devouring as many churros as possible, hopping on ride after ride all the while mourning the loss of Tower of Terror (I never got closure!), and smooching my man on Main Street during the firework show, I decided to sprinkle my blog with a list of the things I’ve learned over the years - because lists are also my favorite!

I hope you enjoy!

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

28 Things I've Learned in 28 Years of Life:

1.      God is REAL.

2.      Sticking to your budget is more freeing than not having one at all.

3.      Disney is just as much for adults as it is for children. (We can appreciate the magic differently.)

4.      Bad company corrupts good character.

5.      The monthly fee for premium membership on Spotify is worth it.  

6.      Saying “no” or "let me think it over/discuss it with my spouse" the first time, is better than flaking or spreading yourself too thin.

7.      Being fashionably late is not a thing.

8.      The two minutes it takes to put things away immediately is less work than getting to it later and letting things pile up.

9.      Her success is not my failure. (Contentment > Comparison).

10.  Always keep a stack of “Thank You” cards and stationary handy, and actually use them.

11.  Hang drying is really not that difficult and worth the time.

12.  Glitter when crafting is always worth the mess in the end. (At least it’s a sparkly mess.)

13.  “To-Do” lists and calendars are a must in my life, and should always be written in pencil.

14.  The more you give the more you receive, but receiving should never be your motivation.

15.  Keep your home up so that last minute guests are a fun surprise and not a nerve-wracking one.

16.  Reading your Bible is like going to the gym; once you get in the habit of it, it supplies health, energy, clarity, joy, and becomes a necessary staple in your routine.

17.  You can wear anything if you wear it with confidence. (Just keep it tasteful.)

18.  Portion control is more effective than fad diets and completely cutting out your favorites.

19.  Working out does in fact help you sleep better.

20.  It’s okay to be specific in your prayer life; I think those are God’s personal faves.

21.  Prayer works.

22.  Placing unrealistic expectations on anyone or anything, will quickly put you in the speeding lane to Disappointment-Ville on an unpaved road.  (See 23.)

23.  Humans are imperfect (even your spouse), so your main source of love, joy, and confidence should come from Jesus. This will free you to selflessly love imperfect people, perfectly.

24.  No matter how tired you are, always properly wash your face and brush your teeth before bed. Your future self will thank you later.

25.  You’ll get more R&R out of a vacation when its paid in cash and not on plastic.

26.  Life’s short; burn the expensive candles.

27.  Poke holes in the darkest of times; the light will always overpower it.

28.  There’s always room for a sparkly donut or a Disney churro.

Brit & Co.

Brit & Co.

With my brother-in-law and birthday twin...DANNY! (He turned 11 today!)

With my brother-in-law and birthday twin...DANNY! (He turned 11 today!)

Can you find the hidden Mickey?!

Can you find the hidden Mickey?!

Happy Birthday to all the January babies! Cheers to another year!

I'd love to hear what you've learned in your time alive, comment below!

A DIY Cork Vase; Happy Valentine's Day!

A DIY Cork Vase; Happy Valentine's Day!

turkey day at the cabin.

turkey day at the cabin.