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A Fall Non-Bucket Bucket List.

A Fall Non-Bucket Bucket List.

I am well aware that it’s ten days into October. So, for some, this post might be too little too late. But for others, perhaps this post couldn’t have come sooner!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve already begun commemorating the new season since the first of September, instead of when it was socially acceptable on the first actual day of Fall. However, maybe you’re easing your way into the season, pacing yourself in between pumpkin pleasures and the comfort of all things cozy.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum – from “basic white girl” to “extremely extra” – get some of these must-do’s checked off your Autumn list, because before you know it, all the leaves will have fallen, the bells will be jingling, the chestnuts will be roasting, and the shopping lists will be four times the length of this one.

Now I don’t like the term ‘Bucket List’ because there’s something very morbid about the idea that you must complete it before you “kick the bucket”. Not that a little Wednesday Adams morbidity isn’t highly welcome come Halloween, but this isn’t so much about that.

Life is about constant change, even nature likes to remind us of this, which is one of the things I love most about a new season.

This Non-Bucket Bucket List is more about embracing a new season, finding little joys in the everyday, appreciating the newness and allowing it to breathe life into us, instead of threatening our comfortability. It’s about beautiful endings and alluring beginnings, and having things to look forward to no matter the weather - literally and metaphorically. 

And let’s face it, I’m basically BASIC and love all things Fall. Not to mention, I’ve been working on putting my need to list all things skills to good use these days. So, enjoy!

And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep and Autumn was awakened.
— Raquel Franco


Buy a Fall scented candle. Try Leaves or Autumn (my personal faves) by White Barn at Bath & Body Works. These candles can be pricey, but every week you’ll find a sweet special that you can guiltlessly bring home to fill your space with the fragrance it deserves!  

Visit a pumpkin patch. Duh?! There’s nothing like bringing home a handpicked plump pump from the patch. Plus, photo-op! Update that default image with something seasonally refreshing!

Shop for a new sweater and scarf. It is in fact sweater weather, isn’t it? I love when my closet makes a shift from light and flowy to long sleeves and flannel. Hello, layers!

Watch a spookily classic Fall film. Hocus Pocus, Halloween Town, The Nightmare Before Christmas, or the entire Harry Potter Series…just to name a few.

Make Mulled Cider. Try this recipe here! Trust me, you’ll be stirring a pot of this through Christmas!

Try a Fall DIY. Spend two minutes on Pinterest, and you’ll find twelve new projects. I promise.

Binge watch a mysterious and eerie series. Season one of Riverdale on Netlix is mine this Fall. Based off of the Archie Comics this series has your perfect Fall blend of suspicious characters, love triangles, a whodunnit murder mystery, and LOTS of dark lipstick to rouse a more daring you. (Not for children under 13)

Bake something Pumpkin-y. This time of year isn’t complete without some baked goods in the oven.

Paint your nails a darker hue. Try OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark, a trusty October go-to. It looks black, but its secretly a very dark purple! Fun, right?

Gather a bouquet of Fall florals. Spruce up your home and with some Chrysanthemums and Sunflowers.

Snuggle up with a new book. There’s nothing like a chilly day, a cozy blanket, a candle lit, and crisp pages.

Drive out to some epic Fall foliage. Grab a camera, your journal or best friend, and head to a Stars Hallow-esque landscape, find a bench, and breathe in the reds, yellows, oranges, and browns.

Happy Fall!

Photo Oct 10, 12 23 06 AM.jpg
sunflower labyrinth.jpg
apple orchard.jpg

What Fall favorite of yours did I miss? Comment Below!

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