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Dealing With Set-Backs: An Air Force Update.

Dealing With Set-Backs: An Air Force Update.

The Devil has no problem defeating the child of God who is easily disappointed.
— Steven Furtick (Elevation Church)

Many of you have been following along on our generously stretched out transition into the new, and at times uncertain, military lifestyle. And we are abundantly thankful for you! You’re the ones God has strategically placed in our lives to live out this mission; our supporters, our encouragers, our prayer warriors, and our future out-of-state visitors. We’ll have a guest bedroom with your name on it!

So, with out further ado, two weeks ago we received a phone call from Derek’s recruiter and well, long story short, Derek’s class date was extended from March to October…with no guarantees the date won’t be prolonged again. Yikes. Being in transition for so long, and now even longer is a little disheartening, ever been there?

Well, in my inner of inners, I know it doesn’t have to stay that way.

It’s no secret that surrendering your career and lifestyle to that of the military, is going to be surprising, inexact, and unpredictable. And as sobering as that is, this is what we knowingly signed up for. However, Derek and I are no strangers to surrendering our lives and plans to something larger than us. Something even more so: surprising, inexact, and unpredictable, yet still exciting and all too satisfying.

Thankfully, Derek and I have been playing this uprooting out of comfort, always pruning, expect the unexpected game our whole lives. Except it’s not a game, it’s real! And we are no rookies. And what’s more real, is God’s love, provision, peace, and goodness through it all. So we have nothing to fear. (That’s pretty much the synopsis of this whole Christianity thing - in case you were wondering.)


In the midst of a literal storm, on a speed boat in the middle of the Andaman Sea last Summer, with tears flowing down my face in fear of the thrashing waves and wind, I whispered to Jesus, “But Lord, the water and skies are so unpredictable.” He whispered back, “but I AM predictable.” (Predictable in that: He is always good and His promises are guaranteed.)

This is why I love the life I chose. A life with Jesus is one of peace and comfort, when nothing else makes sense, when control is not mine, and plans are a luxury to pray over but not to be gripped with inflexibility - I have nothing to worry. I know that His plans will always be a million times better than what I can come up with, even after my strongest cup of coffee!

And I can rest assured that even if the present alters what I thought to be our future, our future will undoubtedly be better if I allow God to do His thing.

God is not surprised by the things that surprise us.
— Pastor Brian Goodell (The Bridge Foursquare)

Our Pastor reminded us of this when we shared the news with him. And he’s so right! God already knows all the things. He isn’t just a God of the past or the future, He’s a God of the present; He goes before me all the while remaining with me in this very moment. And His past speaks volumes of His faithfulness and character, that I might be able to trust Him when things get “stormy”.

God’s constancy stabilizes our inconsistent lives.
— Judah Smith (Life Is ____.)

So unlike the Israelites, we will not allow our circumstances or this news to determine our ability to remain faith-filled and we will not be disappointed wanderers. (Exactly where the enemy wants to have his way with us.)

This is just a simple set-back not a disappointment. And for whatever picture I can’t quite see yet, I am eager and expectant for God to continue to place the missing puzzle pieces where they need to land. It’s going to be stunning.

I don’t have to know God’s plan to trust it, I just have to know God.
— Pastor Brian Goodell (The Bridge Foursquare)

We will not forget ‘the God who saved us, who has done great things.’ -Proverbs 106:21

Enjoy, absorb, post, pin, and share some of the graphics I made! These verses have really leapt off the pages as of lately and I hope they do the same for you!

They will have no fear of bad news; their hearst are steadfast, trusting in the Lord..png
They will have no fear of bad news; their hearst are steadfast, trusting in the Lord. (1).png

Are you or have you ever dealt with a set-back? I'd like to pray for you! Comment below!

for this cause I live: leaving a legacy that lasts.

for this cause I live: leaving a legacy that lasts.

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Rapid-Results-Obsessed and Over it.