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ACTIVATE 2017 and Stolen Goods.

ACTIVATE 2017 and Stolen Goods.

Passion. Purpose. Potential.

Okay, so maybe I misused the word "stolen" here, but there was most definitely a valuable takeaway. As well as a collection of quotes, nearing the end of this post, that I paraphrased to the best of my note-taking ability - they're literally fire!

I couldn't help sharing with you some of the incredible inspiration, conviction, and value deposited into thousands of women, including myself, this past weekend at the Propel Women Activate Event.

Propel Women is an organization and ministry founded by world changing Aussie’s, Christine and Nick Caine, and has since expanded with several women of faith, which I’m sure if I took the time to list by name would have you saying things like, “OMG. I love her!” and, “Her book on _____ literally changed my life.”

Propel Women exists to empower and celebrate ladies like you and me. Their aim is to ignite a flame that activates our God-given gifts and mission by claiming our true identities as daughters and heirs of Christ. The belief is that if we can recognize our own potential in Jesus - we are limitless, and can be propelled into a life free of fear and shame, led by the Holy Spirit, boldly and beautifully.

The theme at this event was to “ACTIVATE”. It’s a verb – it means to operate in and make lively – in other words, do something! (Buy your tickets here!)

Being propelled requires movement, activation, and the realization of a worthy calling.

We were created with purpose and potential, and we are positioned perfectly, where we are, as we are, to live it out. But if we’re being honest, it’s hard to own our purpose and calling when someone else always seems to be doing it better, am I right? It’s easy to sit back and let the pros handle it. It’s also difficult to own a life for Christ when we’re too busy complaining about and comparing our jobs, homes, abilities, and lifestyle with everyone and everything else!

Discontentment, fear, and inactivity are the self-antagonists of the satisfying and abundant, joy-filled life Jesus promised us.

The thief’s purpose is to steal, kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.
— John 10:10

Fortunately, Christianity is not a spectator sport – it’s not for the fans. It’s always the uninvolved Christians that admit to an unfulfilled life. Why? Because Satan knows, if he can keep you out of the game, and convince you that you’re not enough as you are, or that this whole Jesus thing just doesn’t work, you’ll miss out on the divine joy and peace that’s awaiting us and the world around us.

You guys, we’re invited in! We’re eagerly welcomed to participate in a God-sized plan and adventure! Jesus has already qualified us, it’s our job to accept that His grace and love is immovable and the distance we can go with Him is immeasurable. Once we do, lives are transformed, faith is increased, and miracles will happen.

I think we can all agree that this world desperately needs women like you and me, propelling themselves to act in love, not hate. We need to see ourselves and everyone else as not a color or class, but as a soul with the potential of being freed by the life-changing love of Christ. We need to be moved by injustice and violence. We need to show-up and speak-up because while we can’t do it all, we can do something, and that’s better than nothing.

The world needs women who champion and speak life into one another, because in God’s economy, there’s an infinite amount of space for us ALL at the top! For change to happen we must walk courageously, with the confidence that the same Spirit that empowered Jesus, lives in and empowers us too! And finally, we should pray favor and success over our gifts and calling because it’s not selfish, it’s Biblical.

For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous; with favor you will surround him as with a shield.
— Psalm 5:12

Now, because I love words and quotes that are profound and hearty, I sifted through my paraphrased-chicken-scratch to present you with the following!

May you be encouraged and PROPELLED!

Chris Caine.jpg

 “Don't devalue your current position or you might miss your eternal purpose.”...

“We cannot be moved to injustice without first being compelled by compassion.”...

“We miss out on our own lives because we are too busy scrolling through everyone else’s”

Lysa Terkeurst.jpg

“God speaks to us in a language of freedom; Satan speaks to us in a language of restriction.”...

“We will steer where we stare.”


dianna 3.jpg

“If you win in your private life, you will win in your public life.”

Christy B Wright 2.jpg

“Stress and anxiety are caused by the disconnect between your values and your behavior.”...

“Get yourself unstuck, out of your rut, and do something that makes you light up.”...

“It might not look Pinterest perfect, it’ll look more like persistence and perseverance.”

Craig Groeschel 2.jpg

“Don’t lead bodly as a woman, just lead bodly.”

Lisa Harper.jpg

“You will never be propelled into your purpose without first being COMpelled and overwhelmed by The Holy Spirit.”

Aren't these Tees adorable?!

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One Week Down: An Air Force Update.

for this cause I live: leaving a legacy that lasts.

for this cause I live: leaving a legacy that lasts.