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Cultivating Intimacy.

Cultivating Intimacy.

So my family moved not too long ago and Derek and I try our best to visit at least once a month. However, two hours spent in a car to and from, usually with the addition of SF traffic, is definitely my least favorite part of this new norm. Nonetheless, we try to make it as sweet as possible.

It’s in this car ride that Derek and I spend the most uninterrupted time dreaming of near and far plans for our future, unload our fears, I spend some serious time serenading him at the top of my lungs, we play with potential baby names, and often share how God is pursuing and challenging us.

On the way home from our last visit, Derek shared with me how he felt God had spoken to him through his latest dream, and how it changed his perspective on his recent prayer life. This encouraged me because my prayers are always that Derek would be sensitive to the voice of God and obedient to respond. #PrayerWorks.

Well, last night as I lifted the covers to slide into bed, Derek said, “Don’t get into bed just yet. Join me on the floor.” With the exception of a DIY Christmas garland I had made, all the lights were off and he initiated the most romantic and intimate way we could end any day.

You see, what Derek had been feeling lately, was a need to give more reverence to God’s holiness in his prayer life. Not that God’s mad at his prayer time being mostly spent on his commute to and from work, but just adding an element of vulnerability and humility when entering God’s presence through prayer. And, being my husband and covering, he thought this would be a nice way to: 1. Keep me from falling asleep during our usual prayer time lying in bed and 2. Add an element of intimacy and openness not just spiritually with God, but with me as well.

So, with the dim and romantic Christmas lights, for the first time in our relationship, we got on our knees, at our bedside and there we prayed.

He prayed for a few things and people that were on my heart and I in turn prayed for things and people that were on his. Needless to say, Jesus met us on our bedside and made me feel perfectly connected to my husband. And in this small gesture to be on our knees together, making ourselves smaller toward the greatness and holiness of Christ, I felt: loved, humbled yet powerful, understood, invested in, and like I could battle on this team forever! Not to mention, this was something I so respected and admired in Derek. (Geeze…what a turn on!)

Can I challenge you to:

1.       Make a lighted Christmas garland of your own. (This adds a nice splash of holiday décor to your bedroom.)

2.       Make praying on your knees a new norm. (Married or not.)

God is so generous and good to you and your marriage when you put Him first in new and exposed ways; making your union a #MarriageForThree.  

It takes two to get married, but it takes three to stay married.
— husbandandwifeforlife.com

I found this quote on Pinterest and I love it because apart from God, we can do nothing, and we will never be able to cultivate the kind of intimacy He intended for marriage when He perfectly designed it at the very beginning.  

Just as you long to keep things spicy with date nights and travel, be excited and innovative with your vow to God, because eleven times out of ten it's the most rewarding and fulfilling way to nurture your marriage. I dare you.

A cord of three strands is not easily broken.
— Ecclesiates 4:12

This is officially a new staple in our lives. Try it out and see how God fills you up, draws you closer, and graces you with His presence and power.

Here is the lighted burlap garland that I made last Christmas. I decided to hang it over the curtain rod in our bedroom. (Yes, we already decorated.) Find the full tutorial by CreateCraftLove via Pinterest.

Do you have any thoughts, questions, concerns, or tips? I'd love to hear them! Comment below!

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